Buddy’s Hidden, Happy Heart is a children’s book inspired by the beloved animals here at the Happy Heart Haven. Starring Buddy the Steer, the story follows one gloomy cow’s journey to find his hidden, happy heart with the help of all his animal friends at the sanctuary. Aimed at children ages 2-10, it’s an inspiring tale of finding love and gratitude in the friends that surround us, with guest appearances by all the sheep, ducks, pigs, and horses that make the Happy Heart Haven so special. 


This first-edition paperback book brings the Happy Heart Haven into your home, inviting the whole family to join Buddy and the animals in practicing gratitude and thankfulness. Makes a great gift, and all copies come signed by the creators (or Buddy!).


Written by Happy Heart Haven founder Cristi Walker and friend Melissa Gerber

Buddy's Hidden, Happy Heart Book