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How we came to be wasn’t just a moment in time. If you ask co-founders Michael and Cristi Walker how the Happy Heart Haven got here, they’ll tell you it was a lifetime in the making. 


Cristi was born with a congenital heart defect called Pulmonary Atresia. She was essentially born with only half of her heart. To improve the conditions of her heart function, she had four open heart surgeries and a pacemaker implanted. At every hospital stay, Cristi was sure to have a cow stuffed animal in her bed with her - they were always her favorite! At one point, she even had over 100 cows in her collection! 


Fast forward a few years and Michael and Cristi met each other and fell in love! In 2015 they got married with BIG dreams, although none of them included over 30 animals… 


Then, in 2017 Cristi found out she would need a Pulmonary Valve Replacement due to onset issues with her heart condition. Going into surgery, there was a 50/50 chance Cristi would get a either a pig or cow valve. As luck would have it, life came full circle and Cristi got a cow valve (melody valve!). That year, Cristi turned 30 and her one wish was to meet a cow up close. She found a local dairy that fulfilled that dream and after feeling a deep connection, Cristi knew that she had to have a cow of her own so that she could share that joy with others! 


Shortly after, Michael and Cristi decided to abandon suburbia, move to the country, and open a place that they could make that possible not just for them, but for all who visit this special place! 


In 2019, The Happy Heart Haven was born! It grew from a dream to a reality with a purpose to not only warm human hearts, but create a place for our rescued animals to fulfil their best lives! We’re so excited that you are here for the adventure and we hope that after leaving, you will keep this experience in your heart forever.

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