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The Happy Heart Haven is home to over 40 rescued animals!  You'll meet all of these animals and learn more about them on your private or virtual tours.


BUDDY Crossed the rainbow bridge September 10, 2022

Jersey Steer

Hi, I'm Buddy! I am one of the “cows” here on the ranch. People may see me and think I am a “cow” but my official title is a Jersey  Steer. A steer is a male bovine that cannot reproduce. So sadly, I'll never be a Daddy. But I do hang out with three little Lambs! Unfortunately sometimes I think they just use me for the food I let fall from my hay feeder. I was sold to my original owners  as a “Mini” cow but I don't feel too mini. I weigh about 1,000 pounds and stand 54” tall. I love people so be sure to give me a hug!



Jersey Heifer

My name is Emma and I am the most beautiful Jersey Heifer! That means that I have never had a baby... During the day you can find me causing mischief around the ranch, eating anything that fits in my mouth and bugging my best pal, Buddy! I was rescued from a cattle ranch while I was very sick. I had a cow cold and a bad hoof abscess. While I do love to play, I sometimes let people pet me but I'm still warming up!



Miniature horses

Howdy friends! We are Dakota and Lilac, the two Mini Horses here at The Ranch! You may think that we are ponies, but we're not! We're just like a normal horse, shrunken down! We're also wayyyy cooler than regular sized horses. Even though you can't ride us, you can walk us like a dog and we LOVE IT! We were rescued by the Happy Heart Haven when we were in Texas at an auction set to go to slaughter - EEK! We're happy to be here and with everyone who visits! Also, put in a word when you get here... we've been good... we deserve extra carrots! 



Babydoll Sheep

We are Babydoll sheep and we were baaaaaa-orn to love on humans! We are one of the smallest breeds of sheep and known for our sweet, teddy bear-like faces. In other words, we're SUPER CUTE! We are always smiling, mostly because we are ALWAYS HAPPY! Especially when food is involved. Our favorites include graham crackers and frosted mini wheat. I guess you could say we have a bit of a sweet tooth... There are 7 of us here. Shake and Bake, Lucy and Carly and the triplets, Romy and Michelle and Walker Texas Ranger. Look out for those 3, they're still lambs and always getting into trouble! 



Pot Belly & Juliana Pigs

My name is Hobbs! I was born in July of 2019. I am a Juliana pig. I weigh about 60 pounds. My favorite treats are banana peels and carrots. I am shy and working on my social skills.

My name is Jovie! I was born in June of 2019. I am a pot belly pig that was sold as a “Mini Pig” but I’m not so mini. I weigh about 80 pounds! My favorite treats are Watermelon rhine and carrots. I love scratches behind my ears and on my belly!



Vietnamese Pot Belly Pig

My name is Pumbaa and before I lived here, I was removed by humane law enforcement because my owner just wasn't taking care of me. I was at the Humane Society for over 4 months until The HHH saw me and brought me to my forever home! I'm a senior pig and that means I have arthritis but don't worry, Mom gives me meds twice a day and I'm comfortable! When you visit, make sure you see my tricks... I'm quite talented!



Vietnamese Pot Belly Piglets

We are the Piglets, Poppy and Penny! We were born while our owners were away on vacation. The house sitter came home and found us! Unfortunately, our Mama rejected us from birth and the owners just couldn't bottle feed us. So, the sweet house sitter called The HHH and they picked us up within hours of being born. We've been bottle fed and... SPOILED but we deserve it! 

unnamed (1)_edited.jpg


Kinder Goats

We are Mae, Star, Sunny and Diamond! We were originally raised in the 4H program but our owners just couldn't stand the thought of us going to the fair! So, they found our haven and now we have the LIFE! We've eaten all of the grass and weeds, now we're working on eating the trees - bark too! We're a little clingy so if we follow you around on your tour, don't mind us! 



Four types of duck breeds


The large ducks with the red heads are called Musgovy. The red fleshy parts around the face are called Caruncles. They're also called a face mask. Caruncles help muscovies keep their feathers clean when they dabble in mud. We have 7 of this breed.


Indian runner:

The tall, t-rex looking ducks are called Indian Runners

. They stand erect like penguins and, rather than waddling, they run. The females usually lay about 300 to 350 eggs a year or more!


Silver appleyard Ducks:

The Large brown and white as well as our biggest duck, Ron with the green neck are called Silver Appleyard Ducks. They are a British breed of domestic duck. They were bred with the aim of creating a dual-purpose breed that would provide both a good quantity of meat and plenty of eggs.They are critically endangered. 


Mallard Duck:

The smallest of our ducks is Halla, our Mallard Duck. She is our one “wild” duck and she sets herself apart from the others because she is the tiniest on the ranch. She came to us from a family that found her abandoned in the street. We rescued her and raised her in our laundry room until she was big enough to join the rest of the gang!

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